The Dining Services Committee met with Kyle of Aramark this past week to discuss students’ concerns. Kyle resolved to address the concerns he could by bringing back ice cream toppings to the caf and speaking with the grill chefs to be sure that they do not continue over-grilling food. Keep an eye out for an upcoming survey done by our Student Concerns Committee asking which form of white milk students would prefer to see in the milk dispenser: white, skim, or 2%.

The Student Concerns Committee presented an overview on the Junior and Senior Town Halls, which took place last week, and the opinions students shared on the prospect of a student-run Judicial Review Board, the main topic of the Town Halls.The Juniors were generally ambivalent about the Judicial Review Board. Many did not see it as necessary and were unsure of whether it would be beneficial or not to the university. The Seniors were generally for the idea but wanted to know more specifics about the structure of the Board. However, exact details on how the Board would structured cannot be decided upon until after a vote in favor or against its creation has been made. This vote will take place at the end of the Fall Semester.

Holy Trinity Seminary Representative Steven Chabarria presented his Faculty Contact Report on Dr. Walz, chair of the Philosophy Department. Dr. Walz’s main point was the need for the Church of the Incarnation to be a parish of students. He would like SG to work to create more of a students’ church.

Freshman Class Representative John Bartee presented his Faculty Contact Report on Professor Sosa of the Philosophy Dept. Mr. Sosa suggested adding fresher pastries at the Capp Bar and healthier options in the caf that aren’t so full of carbs. He also expressed his concern that Music on the Mall does not always fit the Catholic identity of our university.

In Informal Discussion, the Senate discussed the cancellation of TGIT due to vandalism in the men’s bathroom. The Senate and Executive Council all resolved to back the decision made by CAB director Catherine DuPlant to cancel TGIT. They also expressed their support of the Facilities Department at UD, who they feel have been mistreated due to such thoughtless vandalism. On the same note as TGIT, Junior Class Representative Muhammad Arif noted that the sprinklers which spray during TGIT cause the back area of the Rathskeller to flood and result in students accidentally muddying the interior of the Rat. The Campus Improvements Committee resolves to speak to Facilities about turning off the sprinklers near the Rat during TGIT.

During New Business, money is allocated from SG’s General Budget towards the purpose of paying for food for the week’s upcoming Sophomore and Freshman Town Halls. Money is also allocated from the General Budget towards the Sunday Sundaes Committees for the purchase of a Sunday Sundaes banner. Finally, the Senate votes on an official SG Prayer, composed by HTS Representative Steven Chabarria. This prayer will be prayed at every meeting from this week onwards.